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Grant's Trail: Highway 44 Bridge

This section of Grant's Trail crosses I-44 on an old railroad bridge.  There are still several "live" railroad lines just beyond the end of the trail.

Downtown Kirkwood: If you want to continue past the end of the trail into downtown Kirkwood, after the end of the trail proceed north on Holmes for 0.6 mile to Argonne. Go left (west) on Argonne 0.8 mile to Kirkwood Road. You are now in the heart of downtown Kirkwood.

Trail mile: 8.0
- I-44 Bridge    Parking    Parking/restroom/water    - Grant's Trail


To the East / South
Big Bend Blvd 0.2
Sappington House / cemetery 0.72
Watson Road / Applebee's 1.58
Pardee Road / Whitecliff Park 2.07
Grant's Farm / Grant Historic Site 2.71
Gravois Road 3.14
Tesshire Drive Parking Lot 4.07
Soccer Field Parking Lot 4.24
Green Park / Union Road Parking Lot 5.54
Reavis Barracks Restrooms 6.85
Orlando's / Lodge 8.0
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From the Trail:

This is at the western end of Grant's Trail.
See the top of this page for directions from trail's end to downtown Kirkwood.

From the highway:

Take the Big Bend exit (exit 278) from I-44, and head east one block on Big Bend.  Take the first left, onto Holmes (just before QT).  Holmes curves hard to the right; the bridge crossing I-44 is just past this curve.  You will see a small lot on this side (south side) of I-44.  To get to the larger lot, turn left at the stop sign to cross the highway - you'll see the parking lot and restroom building on the left just after you cross over the highway.

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