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Grant's Trail: Services

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Orlando's trailhead - portable restroom
Public restroom across from Reavis Barracks Rd (locked during non-busy hours)
Tesshire parking lot - portable restroom
Grant Historic Site - very clean indoor restrooms
Clydesdale Stables - public restrooms in stables at north end of parking lot
Whitecliff Park - portable restroom (1/4 mile from trail)
Sappington Road restrooms - just northwest of Sappington Road crossing
Gas stations on Big Bend


Reavis Barracks Rd
Union Road / Green Park / Hwy 55
Soccer Field
Tesshire Road
Grant's Farm - must pay to park here
Crestwood city parking - one block from the trail
Watson Road / Applebee's
Parking at I-44

Vending Machines / Drink Sales

Vending machines with sports drink at the gas station on Union, just across the street and south from the Hwy 55 parking lot
Norrenbern's Lumber, right next to the Tesshire parking lot, has an outdoor vending machine with soda and bottled water
Applebee's on Watson Road a restaurant where you can get a meal after your ride
Convenience stores on Big Bend


Outdoor water fountain across from Reavis Barracks Rd
Grant Historic Site - indoor water fountain
Clydesdale Stables - indoor water fountain, next to the first stable on the right
Whitecliff Park - outdoor water fountain next to pavilion (1/4 mile from trail)

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