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Grant's Trail Parking

- Grant's Trail
These parking spots are listed in order, from East to West.  Click any link below for directions and additional details.
Reavis Barracks Rd
Union Road / Green Park / Hwy 55
Soccer Field
Tesshire Drive
Grant's Farm - $8 fee to park here
Whitecliff Park upper lot - about 1/4 mile from the trail, including a big hill when returning to your car.
Crestwood Public Works - about 1/4 mile easy ride to the trail.
Watson Road / Applebee's - not an "official" trail parking lot, so please be courteous of the businesses and park at far end of lot. 
Parking lot south of I-44
Parking lot north of I-44

Where NOT to park:
There are ample parking areas along the trail, so please do not park on the parking lots of apartment complexes or other private businesses. Also, the lower lot of Whitecliff Park in Crestwood and Affton Athletic Club have posted signs specifically forbidding Grant's Trail parking.

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